The Ellen Vanderslice

Jazz Quartet

The Ellen Vanderslice Jazz Quartet

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Live music is a suave touch for your event or garden party,
now that the pandemic allows us to gather again. We bring you original jazz and jazz standards with insouciant style.
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Listen now to Track 5, "Come On Back, Anytime"

Photo of demo CD cover featuring EVJQ

featuring Ellen Vanderslice, vocals, Jim Schlauch on piano,
Pat Fitzgerald on upright bass and Larry Bicknese on drums

Check out this fun review by Michael Anderson of the EVJQ performing with the "Multi-modal Singers" at the Oregon Active Transportation Summit on March 30, 2015!

Who we are:

Ellen Vanderslice is a jazz composer and vocalist whom Dick Bogle called “a world-class song writing talent,” and George Fendel has praised for the “timeless quality” of her melodies and lyrics.
Pianist Jim Schlauch brings a tender touch to ballads and a dry sense of humor to infuse his swing. He has been a member of several ensembles, including the Portland Community College Big Band, the nine-piece Jazztones and the quartet Delight Jazz.
A trombone player in recovery, Pat Fitzgerald played electric bass with bands ranging from Los Cucaraches Del Muerte to Freefall, and is featured on numerous recordings. He was awakened by Glen Moore to the One True Bass, the upright. On upright, he has performed with big bands and small ensembles, and has played two stints at Jazz Vermont.
Playing drums has been a lifelong passion for Larry Bicknese. Since he moved to Portland years ago to study with Mel Brown, he has been in many musical situations, but playing jazz is a favorite. His years of backing outstanding singers are evident when he performs with Ellen. Among many other engagements, Larry performs regularly together with Ellen in the 18-piece Carroll Raaum Swing Orchestra.
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